Choosing A Yorkie Puppy Made Safe And Easy

February 7, 2008

A Yorkie Puppy

It is important to consider the information provided by your Yorkie breeder about the pros and cons of bringing home a tiny Yorkie puppy for the first time. Often owners only consider all the benefits of having a toy dog in the house, without stopping to consider some of the challenges or more difficult aspects for a toy breed. The following are some of the important concepts that a Yorkie breeder should share with a potential Yorkie puppy owner:

Often housebreaking a Yorkie puppy is a challenge that many first time dog owners find very frustrating. They are a difficult breed to housetrain even for an experienced Yorkie breeder, and crate training is highly recommended. It is also very important to keep in mind that these tiny puppies have even tinier bladders and will need frequent trips outside in good weather and paper training or litter box training may be an important consideration in cold climates.

Training a Yorkie puppy is important, just as it is for every breed. Since the Yorkie puppy is so tiny and really stays tiny all its life, there is a tendency for owners to baby or coddle the dog, leading to personality problems such as separation anxiety and possessiveness and jealous that often gets started on the first day the Yorkie puppy is brought home. Owners must keep in mind that the puppy will need to socialize and interact with other dogs, people and participate in normal dog activities to fully develop the best qualities of their temperament.

Children must be taught how to correctly handle a Yorkie puppy and many breeders with Yorkie puppies for sale will not sell to households with smaller children, simple because it does put the puppy at risk for injury.

If you have other dogs that are possessive or dog-aggressive Yorkie pupppies may not be the best match. Often a Yorkie may become snappish at other household pets so early socialization is important, and this training should continue throughout the dogs life. It is also important to protect the Yorkie puppy from larger dogs that may accidentally injure the Yorkie in play.

The Yorkie puppy is an ideal pet for those that have a small living space or that want a small, lively and energetic dog that will be loyal, affectionate and have an outstanding personality. Purchasing a Yorkie puppy as opposed to an adult Yorkie gives the owner the opportunity to select from a wide range of Yorkie puppies for sale from Yorkie breeders, rescues and shelters.

It also allows the puppy and the owner to bond with each other and start developing rapport for training and socialization. It also allows the new owner to take the Yorkie puppy to obedience classes and to train them from a young age using the commands and techniques that are most comfortable for the family.

Some of the benefits to purchasing a Yorkie puppy include:

Purchasing a Yorkie puppy from a reputable Yorkie breeder or shelter ensures that the dog will be with the family for the longest possible time, as the Yorkie breeder or shelter will confirm that the new owners can provide proper care, nutrition, and veterinary treatment for the life of the dog. Typically a rescue will only have adult dogs, but occasionally a backyard breeder that has had Yorkie puppies for sale that have not found homes will turn the puppies into a rescue or shelter.

Watching the Yorkie puppy playing with its littermates will also give an indication as to its temperament as an adult dog. Puppies in the litter that tend to be more aggressive and assertive are more likely to be independent, and potentially more difficult to train as they grow. The Yorkie puppy that stays more isolated is usually quieter and more timid as an adult dog and this will continue as their dominant personality trait. Since this can be a problem with the Yorkshire Terrier breed it is critical that early socialization for the Yorkie puppy be a key component of training programs.

Buying a puppy from a Yorkie breeder is also the best option if you want a show quality puppy. Always ask the breeder if he or she is selling show or pet quality puppies as there is a difference. Pet quality Yorkie puppies may or may not be eligible for show, but a show quality puppy must meet the breed standards and not have any disqualifying features or major faults.

Purchasing a Yorkie puppy also allows you to socialize and train the puppy to the commands and cues that you are most familiar with or plan to use. This can help in having to retrain an adult dog to your particular commands. Some of the Yorkie puppies for sale will already have some basic training such as come and possibly even sit, especially if they are older than 8 weeks.

Researching and talking to Yorkie owners and Yorkie breeders is the best way to decide if a puppy is the best option for you and your family.

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